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ART Winter Series 2022 - Announcement

Abingdon Racing Team (ART) has announced that they are organising their annual Winter Series at Dalton Barracks airfield in Abingdon. The highly popular series includes four 50 minute races for the different categories on the closed circuit every Saturday morning in February. The triangular circuit is entirely flat, super wide and big enough for two races to take place at the same time, so both the Cat E/1/2/3 and Cat 4 riders start at 9h30, and the Cat 3/4 and Women 2/3/4 start an hour later at 10h30 in the morning. Although the weather is not always ideal for cycling at this time of the year, however the races are short enough and the racing is typically intense enough that one doesn't notice the wind, cold and rain. These early season races are an opportunity to see where your form is at compared to a competitive field of riders.

Several RLSCC members will be at the races each week of the series. Please feel free to contact the club if you have any questions (e.g. license, transport, other).

Make sure to register in time because these races are popular and the entries sell out quickly for some categories (specifically Cat 3/4). You can register your entry for these races at these links on the British Cycling webpage:

Several club members have already entered for all round of the series. It is always a lot more fun to ride together with other RLSCC member at these races. Therefore please let us know if your planning to race the ART Winter Series (i.e. RLSCC's email, Facebook page, WhatsApp groups, etc.), to communicate this with other club members and potentially share transport, support and strategy.


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