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During winter, RLSCC will be organising weekly group rides on Zwift which will be open to all club members. The RLSCC Zwift group workout will take place every Tuesday evening, starting at 18h45. During the group workout sessions, we follow one of Zwift interval training session together as a group. Zwift will automatically adjust the intensity of the interval sessions based on each rider’s ability (i.e. FTP value).

During these sessions, the participants can able to chat to each other over the Discord channel (usually during the recovery intervals). A different workout is selected each week but is typically around one hour long.

All information about the selected workout will be announced a few days in advance on the RLSCC Facebook page and the RLSCC Discord channel.

In order to receive the invites to join the group workouts, please follow 'Emile Glorieux (RLSCC)' on Zwift and message him so he can add you to the RLSCC Zwift club. Additionally, it would be great if you could add "(RLSCC)" to your Zwift username to show you are a member of RLSCC.

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