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We meet at the Shell Garage and runs in British summer time only.

March 18:15 ready to leave for 18:20  

April 18:30 ready to leave for 18:35

May-Aug 18:45 ready to leave for 18:50

Sept 18:30 ready to leave for 18:35

Oct 18:15 ready to leave for 18:20. 

See Facebook pages for minor time adjustments

Distance - 25 miles (40 km)

Speed - 18-25 mph (29-40 kph)

Route -

Segment -

The Thursday Bash is all about working as a team, there are generally 3-5 groups of 6-8 riders split on ability and the start times are staggered so that all teams should finish at the same time. The fastest team departs last and then are chasing the other teams who are trying not to get caught.


This training ride focuses on the skills of riding in a chain gang or pace line. It is a fast paced ride but don't forget it is a team ride so kudos will be rewarded for smoothness of riding rather than who crosses the line first. The rides are not races, although they are designed to give you a taste of road racing, trust us when we say these are fun.


Before joining this ride please ensure you read our guidelines and watch this video to brief yourself on how to ride in a chain gang.


Please Bear In Mind

We would expect that you could average 17 mph (27 kph) over 20 miles (32 km) to ride with the slowest group. If you are unsure or you cannot hold this speed we would recommend you try the Easy Friday Night Social Ride or Saturday Social Road Rides to help introduce you.


20-25 Miles


17-20 mph (no drop)
20-22 mph (regular)
23-25 mph (race)



Non-club members are very welcome to join this ride. After 3 rides you will have to join the club which you can do here.

Upcoming Rides

No upcoming events at the moment
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