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After a cycling accident, the first step you should take is to seek medical attention for any injuries. You should also report the accident to the police, even if it seems minor, as they will create an official record of the incident. If you have been involved in a cycling incident you should, if possible, make a record of the time and place of the incident and details of any other vehicle(s)/property or person(s) involved. 


Additionally, it is important to gather evidence at the scene of the accident, such as taking photos of the vehicles and location, getting contact information from any witnesses, and exchanging insurance details with the other party involved.

You should not have any discussion with the other party/parties with regard to liability.

Always make sure that you obtain:

  • Contact details for the Third Party driver(s)

  • Make, model and registration number of the vehicle(s) involved

  • Insurance details of the driver(s) and vehicle(s) involved

  • Contact details for all witnesses

  • Witness accounts

  • Details of the incident location - including photos of the location and highway defect(s)


Where an incident has occurred during a club activity which involves injury, illness and/or property damage sustained by any party, or where there was potential for injury, illness and/or damage, an Incident Report Form should be completed and returned to British Cycling and the Club Committee email (

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