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UCI Gran Fondo World Championship racing


We are unusual amongst Cycling Clubs in having members actively involved in such a diverse and wide range of cycling activities, including…


Beginners rides - Group road rides for beginners or any rider wanting a more leisurely pace, ranging from 10 to 25 miles and paced to suite all.


Cake rides - Group road rides of different paces and distances ranging from 30 to 60 miles and varying in average speed from 14 to 18 mph, most often stopping off to enjoy a Cafe break at some point. 


Off-Road and Mountain Bike (MTB) rides - Easier and more technical Group rides for those who enjoy Off-Road and MTB cycling. The Club also hosts away days allowing like-minded cyclist to enjoy trails in different parts of the country.  


Bashes - training/harder workout road rides that can include paceline or chaingang format - these are hard rides where you can really challenge yourself!


Time Trials (TT) - The Club jointly hosts a TT season every year with Rugby Velo Cycling Club. Some  members also take part in some of the TT “Opens” held during the year in different parts of the Country.


Criterium Races and Road Races - Some of our members regularly race in official competition, and the Club also hosts its own road race - the Friz Hill road race. 


Mountain Bike Orienteering (MBO) - Never tried it? Do so and you might be hooked!

Duatlon and Triathlon - Running and cycling/Swimming,cycling and running race events


Cyclo-Cross (CX) - Off-Road racing on a course with a variety of terrains (often there is plenty of mud!) and nearly always including obstacles such as bunny-hops and hurdles. As you might imagine, can be very demanding physically (but again - you might get hooked!). The Club usually hosts a round of the West Midlands CX race season every year. CX is a very family orientated sport with races for children/juniors through to seniors. 


Audax rides - Long distance road rides. Not actually “races”, but a successful audax is where you complete the course within the set time limit. There are stations around the course, where your progress is logged (on your “Brevit” card). The routes generally offer very good cycling and can be beautiful, as the volunteers in their part of the Country know it like the back of their hand, and want to show their areas off. 


Hill-Climbs - Hills are the cyclist’s friends, right? Every year there are organised Hill Climbing competitions, both local and National.


Track rides - We sometimes organize sessions at a velodrome to give our members a taste of track cycling. 


Academy for young beginners - Trained coaches who give children a good start in their cycling lives.


We also host virtual training sessions, and “roller evenings”, where you can test and improve your fitness on a set of rollers.


We also have Halloween and Christmas fun rides, and a summer bike festival with rides and games, Barbeques, and generally a fun and very social time is had by all (some camp at the site during the weekend). 

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