UCI Gran Fondo World Championship racing



55-65 Miles


16-19 mph



Meet at the Giant Brand Store at 08:10 for 08:15 depart. 

18-24mph, 25-35 miles (on average)

Our Sunday bashes are one of our most popular road rides ideal for the budding road cyclist. We have a variety of routes heading out towards Rugby, Southam and Helidon with the occasional unique event thrown in.

The Sunday Bash is all about working as a team, there are generally 3-5 groups of 6-8 riders split on ability and the start times are staggered so that all teams should finish at the same time. The fastest team departs last and are then chasing the other teams trying not to get caught. 

We treat the ride out of Leamington Spa (to the town sign) as a warm up and into Leamington Spa (from the town sign) as a warm down. The rides are not races, although they are designed to give you a taste of road racing, trust us when we say these are fun. 


There are 3 main routes that are used, Southam, Rugby and Hellidon, these are run as normal and reverse direction so there aren’t many routes to remember. In the event of bad weather there is also the Rugby Ice route that is gritted in the winter.

See the routes page for maps.


There are several shortcuts that can be used, many of the regular Sunday riders can point these out. The shortcuts can be used as an easy route home or a way to catch up if there is a delay to the start.

Please Bear In Mind

We would expect that you could average 17 mph over 20 miles to ride with the first group. If you are unsure or you cannot hold this speed we would recommend you try the Wednesday Night Beginner rides to help introduce you. 

April 2022

03/04/2022 - Hellidon

10/04/2022 - Kineton 

17/04/2022 - Southam  Reverse

24/04/2022 - Kineton  Reverse


May 2022

01/05/2022 - Hellidon
08/05/2022 - Great Alne Bash (new)
15/05/2022 - Kineton 
22/05/2022 - Southam return via Cubbinton
29/05/2022 - Frizhill bash (new)