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Meet Ross Thompson - Social Ride Representative

Updated: Mar 5

Committee Position:

Social ride representative

How long have you been on the committee?

Approx. 6 months. I was inquisitive about how a club runs and wanted to contribute some of my time and energy to enhancing what the club has to offer.

What does your role entail?

I try to provide a point of view of those who ride their bikes socially and for general fitness, as these are the reason’s I initially began to ride a road bike. The RLSCC committee is too small to work in silos, so it’s great that I also have input into a variety of other topics too.

What is your Cycling discipline?

Road and TT. However, I have previously ridden MTB and, in my childhood, I competitively raced BMX!

What do you ride?

A Canyon road bike and a Dolan TT bike

How long have you been with the club?

Three years, strangely I joined during the first lock-down having recently moved to the area. My first interaction with other members was virtually via the weekly Zwift rides that were organised at the time.

What do you enjoy about the RLSCC?

Probably the variety of rides that are available throughout a typical week. Regardless of the type of ride I want to be part of there is always something on offer that suits my mood. It also great to know that the club is large enough to mean there will be a good sized group of like-minded people riding with me.

What is your most significant cycling achievement?

A significant amount of time travel is needed for this one…

When I was a child in the 80’s I raced a BMX (as did lots of kids at the time). It transpired that I had a real aptitude for it and became World Champion for my age group on two separate occasions.

Sadly, this level of achievement has deserted me (so far) as an adult.

Who is your cycling hero?

I don’t think I could single out one rider but it’s usually the domestiques within the pro teams that I admire the most. They sacrifice any aspirations they may have for personal glory in order to benefit their team overall. Cycling is very unique, in that a team works together so that just one member can take all the glory and the limelight.

What cycling event or discipline would you like to have a go at?

One of the rides on my bucket list is ‘Tower to Tower’ (a route from the Tower of London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris in just one ride). This may be something I aim for in 2024.

What is your cycling mantra?

‘Trust the process’. This reminds me that I’m (unfortunately) not going to become a pro level cyclists overnight, but it is possible to see steady improvements over the long term if you train consistently.


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