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Road racing - Stuart Hepburn pictured by


The Club take part in an active road racing scene, and members often arrange to share lifts to race meets. Broadly speaking, there are two types of road race: Racing on a public road, and racing on closed roads or private circuits, where the races are known as Criterium races (“Crits”, for short). With the public road races, the courses are naturally designed to use quieter roads where this is possible. For added safety, one or two race cars might be used, one car leading the riders off to a “neutralised” start. Both types of race usually consist of multiple laps of the course. If you are new to racing, Crits can be a good choice to start with because with no traffic, you can give more concentration to beginning to learn to “read” the pattern of a race, and start the gradual process of growing your own race craft and tactics (and stamina!). Note though that you must for both types of race have a valid, current British Cycling (BC) racing license. Speak to our Road racing rep’ for further information. Welcome to the world of Road racing!


If you have any questions regarding road racing (e.g. racing licenses, transport, insurance, etc.), please feel free to contact us below. At RLSCC, we help each other wherever possible.

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