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RLSCC trio race at Dalton Barracks, and news of a proposed housing development on the site

Alexander Craig, Gerard Scott and Emile Glorieux travelled down to the Oxfordshire circuit to take part in round 3 of the Abindgdon Race Team’s (ART) Autumn series of Crit’ races. The ART have won many friends in the racing fraternity, and their race series are well regarded and attended. It has now come to light that there are plans to build houses on the site at Dalton. Few would deny that our housing stock needs increasing, but those who value these Crit’ series will appreciate the value in making provision for a race track in the redevelopment of the site. To quote the ART:

“Public consultation has started and we’d MASSIVELY appreciate if you join us in commenting/suggesting a purpose built race circuit/cycling venue in the North East corner (where the CX is) of the airfield. We’ll be working hard to keep cycle racing in Abingdon for many, many more years!”

You can read more about this on Abingdon Race Team site.

As to racing itself, it was not one of the better days for the trio.

“A very fast race”, Emile reported, “with almost constant attacks from the start. It was basically a lottery for which breakaway attempt would be successful.”

The young Spa rider, who was highest placed on the day (14th), continued:

“I did join a couple of them to try to get away. After about 25 minutes, six guys managed to get a decent gap on the bunch and they started to work together very well to stay away. I contributed to chasing it down with other riders from the bunch. Although we managed to reduce the gap to less than 15 seconds, it never came back together. During the last lap, I was well positioned around third wheel when the bunch sprint for 7th place kicked off, but I ended finishing 8th of the bunch and thus 14th overall, partially because I ran out of gears (at least, that's my excuse!)."

Team picture: Emile Glorieux. Race pictures: Steve Cartmell photography


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