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Meet Chloe Rees - Communications Officer

We are delighted to be welcoming Chloe Rees onto the RLSCC Committee as our new Communications Officer. To help us all get to know a little more about Chloe, and her role, she's shared a bit about herself as part of our Meet the Committee series.

Committee Position: Communications Officer

Chloe featuring her support act - Albus the wolf!

How long have you been on the committee? Only for 2 months but I have been supporting the club via other methods for about a year now!

What does your role entail? Essentially I am here to ensure all the great stuff the club committee and its members are doing is communicated to our wider audience. I’ll be helping with emails to members, updating the website with new content and stories as well as managing all our social platforms like Facebook and Instagram!

What is your Cycling discipline? Discipline is a strong word but so far I have only really been road cycling!

What do you ride? I currently ride a Trek Domane AL 2, a gift from my mother in law and I have to say I am loving her so far…

A rare bit of British sunshine!

How long have you been with the club? Exactly 6 weeks! Not very long at all but I have been dabbling in the odd ride over the last two summers.

What do you enjoy about the RLSCC? The sense of community. I am not from the area but it is so nice to see people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to share their love of riding.

What is your most significant cycling achievement? Oh most definitely cycling up Alpe D’Huez - and in flat pedals I might add! As a beginner it is no easy task but I completely loved it once I got into a rhythm. It was a hot day but the pint at the top made it all the more worth it!

Who's is your cycling hero? Hmm, can I be totally cringe-worthy and say my partner?! Haha, no but seriously, he is an absolute machine and where he finds the ability I don’t know. Some might say it’s all to do with the support team - aka me but I’m not so sure!

I’m also a huge admirer of the ladies in cycling like Laura Kenny and Annemiek van Vleuten who are such an inspiration to women looking to get into the sport.

What cycling event or discipline would you like to have a go at? I would totally love to do CX. I am a part-time runner and frequent weightlifter so I feel it would suit me well. It’s a good job Britain has loads of mud to experiment in!

What is your cycling mantra? Just keep pedalling. Cycling is definitely type 2 fun for me sometimes (type 2 fun is miserable while it’s happening, but fun in retrospect) so having the mental resilience to just keep going is really important.


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