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Jason measuring the beans as well as marginal gains

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

To help all the members know our committee better we are doing a series Meet the committee.

Jason makes sure that the club is running in profit, ensuring we can do more with the club.

He is a very skilled rider in multiple cycling disciplines and a strong rider. One of the most generous riders I have ever met.

Allways is willing to help and give good rock-solid advice.

To help you get to know Jason better we asked him some questions.

Committee Position: Treasurer. Apparently, to some attendees at the recent AGM (you know who you are), it wasn't clear that my career may involve numbers and so for the avoidance of doubt I am a qualified accountant and have been for >20 years!

How long have you been on the committee. I believe that I was nominated in my absence at the end of 2017.

What does your role entail. Essentially I am responsible for controlling the funds (money) entrusted to us by the members. I monitor the bank account and make any payments etc.

What is your Cycling discipline. My parents had a house on the side of a big hill in North Wales (Penmachno) so in 1989 I bought my first MTB. When I moved to Warwickshire I couldn't find any mountains and so bought a road bike.

What do you ride. A Giant TCR SL which is now 10 years old and is on its 4th set of wheels...and alternate between two fairly light xc MTBs. I am considering a new road bike but am stunned how expensive they now are. One day I will buy an E-bike, but I am not old enough yet...

How long have you been with the club. 10 years - started with the iconic Thursday night MTB ride. Couldn't believe how fast some of them were. They don't seem so fast now!

What do you enjoy about the RLSCC. I ride for fun and the ethos of the club sits well with me for this. I also like wearing pink lycra and I am rarely judged!

What is your most significant cycling achievement My racing career started 32 years ago, the dizzy height of which was being the National Downhill Champion (sport category, I wasn't troubling the Pros!) in about 1992. The last race I entered was a mixed pairs 4hr xc event with Tessa McInnes; she rode brilliantly and we won, so I retired from competition on a high! The hardest event was definitely a 130 mile team time trial sponsored by Rapha in North Yorkshire. They had pretty much packed everything away by the time we returned as we were so slow, but we did get some very cool red Lanterne Rouge caps - maybe I am with the wrong club! Who is your cycling hero. I was overtaken by Chris Boardman around the time of his 1992 Olympic success (he lives near my parents). To this day I have never seen anyone go so fast on a flat piece of tarmac.

Absolutely nobody overtook us that day, turns out my daughter is slightly competitive too...


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