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First Aid First

Three RLSCC club members practice CPR on test dummies
Club members David Colls, Steve Charlton and Alex Craig practice CPR. Photo by Julian Harding.

Safety is important to our members. From ensuring our rides are thoughtfully planned to careful and considerate riding out on the road, everyone plays a part in ensuring the well-being of RLSCC members and the wider public during Club activities. However, we ride in the real world and sadly accidents can happen. To ensure we're well prepared we piloted First Aid Training for a cohort of volunteers last October. The result was a resounding success.

Hosted by Skillset First Aid in Melton Mowbary, nine of our team spent two days on an intensive and extended course covering in-depth how to administer Emergency First Aid outdoors. Ranging from dealing with cuts and bruises, to more serious broken bones and CPR, the course was engaging, hands-on and expertly delivered. Questions were answered in depth and the knowledge of our instructor, Rich, was seemingly limitless. As a professional fire fighter he was clear he had regular opportunity to practice what he was preaching, making the lessons all the more tangible and practical.

Following the training, it was only a matter of days before freshly learnt skills were being put to use. During one of our MTB Away Days to Bike Park Wales, Julian Harding was called upon to help strap up a broken collar bone. Meanwhile, Kath Urwin found herself looking after a fellow passenger suffering a seizure next to her on a train. These were two remarkably clear examples of the value of the training in the context of cycling and far beyond.

Looking forward the Club is in the process of sourcing more First Aid Kits for our First Aiders to carry on rides. We're also planning to provide further First Aid training, based on a shorter, focused half-day course. This will be run in early March 2023, close to Leamington. Club Members should keep an eye on their email In Boxes for more details in due course.

Meanwhile, our current First Aid team will be hoping their skills aren't required but remain ready to act if needed. They'll also be more than happy to share further insight into the experience gained on the course and their thoughts on the value the training has delivered for them.


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