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Ben Dodd

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

With The RLSCC Road Race just around the corner, I would like to introduce all our members to Ben Dodd who has joined the RLSCC committee this year as Road Rep. We recently caught up with Ben and got the chance to ask him the following questions.

1. Committee Position: Road Race Rep

2. How long have you been on the committee: 3 months

3. What does your role entail: Represent the interests of the training rides (Bash,

Zwift/virtual, etc.) and road racing cycling community at

committee meetings. Promote and communicate the club road

rides each week and any information regarding each ride.

4. What is your Cycling discipline: Road

5. What do you ride: Custom Red Orbea Orca

6. How long have you been with the club: Since 2021

7. What do you enjoy about the RLSCC: Friendly and accommodating

attitude by all members and the large availability of different

kinds of rides throughout the week.

8. What is your most significant cycling achievement (if you have photos of

this as well would be great) – Sub 30 minutes up Sa Colobra in


9. Who's is your cycling hero – Bradley Wiggins, he was the one that got

me hooked!

10.what cycling event or discipline would you like to have a go at? – I have

done a track taster session but would love to do some track


11. What is your cycling mantra. – It doesn't get easier you just get



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