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Alex shaping the future of membership

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

As part of our get-to-know committee Series, next up is Alex.

He is very passionate about the club. Just like a stick of Blackpool rock, cut him in half and it would say RLSCC all the way through.

He gives up so much time for the club and is always the first to volunteer.

In his short time on the committee has proved himself a valuable asset to the club.

We asked Alex a few questions below so that you can get to know him better. Committee Position: Membership Secretary

How long have you been on the committee? Just under a year

What does your role entail? Helping make RLSCC a great club, attracting new members and ensuring our existing members want to stay, with a little bit admin on the side.

What is your Cycling discipline? Mainly road but I also enjoy a bit of cross country (XC) MTB and did my first season of cyclocross (CX) this winter.

What do you ride? I put the most miles on my trusty aluminium Cannondale CAAD Optimo that I’ve pimped up over the last few years. I’ve recently had a lot of use out of my eBay special Giant TCX that I picked up for the CX late last year – turns out its great for exploring Newbold Comyn with the kids!

How long have you been with the club? I joined in the autumn of 2018

What do you enjoy about the RLSCC? Having such a great and diverse group of people to enjoy all sorts of different riding. From road racing, crits, TTs, training, summer cake rides and weekends away there are always other members around to share the experience, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

What is your most significant cycling achievement Riding from London to Paris and back again with a group of colleagues from work to raise money for Shelter. It was an epic long-weekend away. Best of all, by pure coincidence (honest), there turned out to be a fairly significant bike race finishing on the Champs-Élysées on our Sunday rest day in Paris!

Who's is your cycling hero? Tough call; it’s a four-way split:

  • Philippa York – she was my hero riding as Robert Miller when I was a kid and it’s great to see her active again in the sport,

  • David Miller – his journey through good-and-bad and his willingness to share the experience is fascinating and thought provoking,

  • Chris Hoy – he’s an amazing athlete and a fantastic ambassador for the sport,

  • Lizzy Deignan – another incredible athlete and someone who is helping rewrite the rules around the career options for female professional athletes for the better

What cycling event or discipline would you like to have a go at? I’d love to get back on the track; that was what first got me into cycling at Herne Hill velodrome in London and I’ve still got my old 1989 track bike in the garage.

What is your cycling mantra? One of my very best friends, when I first started racing as a kid, used to drive us mad whenever we were killing ourselves out training in the Kent hills. He would attack half way up the climb and, as we screamed in agony and protest, he’d look back and shout “no pain, no gain”. I can never get that out of my head whenever I feel the lactate rising!


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