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RLSCC Zwift Group Workouts

To make indoor winter training more fun, RLSCC is organising the RLSCC Zwift Group Workouts every Tuesday evening during the winter months. This allows to train together with other club members on the online cycling platform Zwift. Proved and tested last winter, this is a fun way to train together with other club member on cold and dark winter evenings to maintain your fast legs during winter so you are flying on the bike come spring.

A Zwift group meetup is organised every Tuesday evening at 18h30 for all RLSCC member to join. During this meetup, you train together in the Zwift world, following a specific interval workout, whilst chatting to each other over Discord (i.e. an internet group call). Every week a different interval training session is carefully selected, and these are typically around one hour long. Detailed information on the selected workout will be shared on the RLSCC Facebook page and on the RLSCC Discord channel on Monday evening.

How to join the RLSCC Zwift Group Workout? Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Change your Zwift profile so it includes (RLSCC) at the end

Step 2: Follow "Emile Glorieux (RLSCC)" on Zwift

Step 3: Accept the Zwift Meetup invitation that you'll receive from Emile

Step 4: On Tuesday evening, start a Zwift ride around 18h15 until a blue "Join Meetup" button appears in the bottom left corner of your screen, click that button

Step 5: Once you've joined the meetup and while you're waiting for the start, select the workout from menu

Step 6: Log in on Discord and join the RLSCC voice channel to be able to chat to the others


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