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Sports Physio Assessment: Call-for-Participants

Club member Remi Mobed, one of UK's leading musculoskeletal physiotherapist, is working together with RLSCC to prepare supporting the riders of Team INEOS Grenadiers .

Remi Mobed is a performance physio, clinic director at The Prime Clinic in Leamington, and has been working with elite athletes for over 15 years. This summer, Remi will work with Team INEOS Grenadiers to provide physiotherapy to professional riders. Ahead of this assignment, he is offering a sport physio assessment to a selected number of RLSCC members, free of charge. Sport physiotherapy can include:

  • sports massage

  • manual therapy

  • biomechanical sports assessment

  • strength and conditioning

  • force plate analysis

The assessment would also include force plate analysis, which is rather uncommon for cyclists. A platform equipped with force sensors is used to measure direction, strength, reactive muscle activation time and the parameters and forces produced during specific movements of a sporting activity, like walking, running or jumping. This allows evaluation of posture stability, explosive force, power, and reaction force from the ground. In turn, these data can be used for the study of sports postures and movements, for diagnostics and rehabilitation.

Remi is looking for eight performance cyclists among the RLSCC members who would want to volunteer to participate in a sport physio analysis and force plate analysis (for free). The assessment session will take up to 60 minutes and is likely to take place in The Prime Clinic on a Saturday 21 May.

If you are a performance cyclists, you have been training consistently over the past year(s), and are interested to participate, please email RLSCC or directly contact committee members: Emile Glorieux or Paul Cartwright. It would be very useful if you would share information on how often you train, what your upcoming goals are, if you had injuries you're currently recovering from, and other information.


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