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Milton Keynes midweek RAF afternoon Crits

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

3 RLSCC members took the Wednesday afternoon off and headed over to Milton Keynes Bowl take on the RAF racing teams.

Ben Dodd entered the 4th cat race with Gerard Scott and Jon Appleyard entering the 2/3/4 handicap race. Ben headed of in race 1 for 40 mins + 3 laps and was running comfortably up front and put in a few cheeky attacks. The wind was strong with block headwinds of up to 40mph gusts, Ben did get away solo for a few laps but 1 against the group was never going to be easy into the wind. A bunch finish saw Ben sprint to front and take the win for maximum points and earn his 3rd Cat license!

Jon and Gerry lined up next in the 2/3/4 race with the 9 Cat 2 riders lining up just in front for 1 hours + 3 laps. The Cat 2 riders had around 100m meters head start, then the rest go with the Cat 2 then having to catch before they get onto the same lap. The 3/4 riders had nearly a lap but it only lasted about 5 laps before the organised cat 2 riders caught the unorganised group. The peloton then circulated for a number of laps with the faster riders attacking on the hill to try and get away and eventually 6 or 7 got away and those numbers dwindled down to 5 so the race was on for the last 5 spots. Multiple attacks with riders trying to get away never materialised with the headwind killing any chance to succeed and the group ended in a bunch sprint with Gerry in 8th and Jon just behind to put them both in the top 15 overall.


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