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L'Ariégoises Cyclosportive 2024 - RLSCC Event Report

Last week some RLSCC riders travelled to the Pyrenees for the L'Ariégoises Cyclosportive 2024. Read how they got on below...


Gerry Scott, Jon Appleyard, Paul Daniels, George Hollingsworth, Andy Taylor and Spencer Tapia


The Epic Saga of the Ariégoise Quest 2024


Fresh from their triumphant journey to the heart of the Great Lake, the noble band of RLSCC embarked on the legendary Ariégoise Quest amidst the towering peaks of the Pyrenees. This harrowing journey tested their mettle, resolve, and the unyielding bonds of brotherhood as they faced treacherous terrain, capricious weather, and dangerous beasts.


The Fellowship of RLSCC


Gerard Scott, the Iron Lion: At 53 winters, Gerard's raw strength and indomitable spirit were revered by all.

Jon Appleyard, the Mountain Buffalo: Jon’s sturdy and reliable nature belied the immense power hidden within his muscular frame.

George Hollingworth, the Swift Hawk: George descended the perilous slopes with the grace and speed of a hawk in flight, and his loyalty to his leader was unmatched.

Paul Daniels, the Sage: Paul, the wise and steady hand, led from the rear, his counsel guiding the fellowship.

Andy Taylor, the Brave: Though beset by illness, Andy’s courage was unwavering until his strength failed him.

Spencer Tapia, the Shadow Champion: At 41, Spencer was the swiftest, a shadow upon the road, completing the quest in a remarkable 4 hours and 46 minutes.


The Treacherous Elements

The sky wept gentle tears upon the bold warriors, with the light rain blessing their path and the rumble of distant thunder echoing their trials. Yet, the storm's wrath remained at bay, sparing the fellowship from its fury.


The Journey Begins

From the gates of the town, Gerard, Jon, and Spencer surged forth, their steeds swift and their hearts resolute. The flatlands saw them overtake countless souls, their unity and strategy unbroken.


The Trials of the Path

The Wooded Ascent

The first climb through the ancient forest was a battleground where the trio vanquished many a rider. The dense canopy overhead whispered tales of old as they pressed onward, their strength unwavering.

The Breakaway

Upon the second ascent, Spencer, the Shadow Champion, parted ways from his comrades, his prowess evident as he forged ahead alone, a solitary figure against the vast landscape.

The High Plateau

While Spencer carved his own path, Gerard and Jon found solace in a swift-moving alliance upon the high plateau. This realm of rolling hills and endless skies demanded both cunning and endurance, which they displayed in abundance.

The Treacherous Descent

A perilous descent awaited, where loose gravel and lurking goblins threatened doom. Here, the Swift Hawk, George, showed his mastery, descending with unparalleled speed and agility, outpacing all who dared to follow. His loyalty to his leader, Paul the Sage, was steadfast as he remained by Paul's side, fending off danger and the rampaging hordes with valour.

The Summit Climb

The final trial was the long, arduous ascent to the summit, where the ancient ski lair awaited like a fortress on high. This climb was a crucible of fire and steel. In the last league, Jon, the Mountain Buffalo, summoned a mighty surge, securing his place just ahead of the Iron Lion, Gerard, in a display of raw power and determination.

Deeds of Legend

Spencer, the Shadow Champion: His solitary journey and swift completion of the quest in 4 hours and 46 minutes were feats worthy of song and story.

Jon, the Mountain Buffalo: Jon’s explosive effort in the final league secured his honour and place, showcasing his indomitable spirit.

Gerard, the Iron Lion: Gerard’s unwavering strength and relentless drive brought him to the summit close behind Jon, bestowing great honour upon his name.

Paul, the Sage: Arriving an hour after Spencer, Paul earned his bronze accolade, his wisdom and guidance ever-present and essential to the team’s success.

George, the Swift Hawk: George’s legendary descent and unwavering loyalty to Paul, protecting him from highwaymen, added a vital edge to the fellowship’s endeavour.

Andy, the Brave: Though he fell to illness, Andy’s bravery and determination to start the quest inspired his companions to avenge his loss.

The Victory Banquet

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow upon the land, the fellowship gathered for a merry victory banquet. Tables were laden with roasted bird, fragrant grains, cheese of the cow, and goblets brimming with wine. Laughter and tales of valour echoed through the hall as they celebrated their hard-earned triumph. After the feast, the champions took a jubilant victory lap around the village square, their steeds prancing proudly. With hearts full and spirits high, they finally galloped home, their trusty mounts carrying them back to their hearths, where songs of their legendary quest would be sung for generations to come.

The Chronicles Conclude

The Ariégoise Quest 2024 stands as a testament to the courage and unity of the RLSCC fellowship. Their combined might, individual valour, and strategic prowess saw them through the trials of the Pyrenean peaks. Spencer’s remarkable feat, Jon’s fierce determination, and the collective spirit of the fellowship will be remembered in the annals of time as a saga of triumph and brotherhood.

Report brought to you by Spencer Tapia


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