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New member benefit for RLSCC mountain bikers

Tue 23rd January

Have you ever wondered what all those twisty knobs and air valves do on your MTB suspension? Do you ride an MTB and either can't feel your suspension working, or are constantly bottoming out at the merest hint of a bump?  Well wonder no more, as we now have a member benefit that may help you tune your MTB suspension to suit your riding styles and terrain.

Introducing the Quarq ShockWiz! This small piece of electronic trickery is attached to your air-sprung fork or rear shock and will monitor and record your bike's suspension movements 100 times a second as you ride in order to send the data to an app on your phone via Bluetooth (Android or iPhone required) so that the app can suggest changes to your suspension to suit your chosen riding style.

Choose from 4 different riding styles: Efficient, balanced, playful and aggressive, and when enough data has been collected (the app will tell you if you need to ride some more), suggested suspension changes and explanations as to what they do, will appear in the app. There are multiple changes that can be made, but the app helps you change them in the right way.

We're still getting to grips with how it all works, but further explanation, with links to videos on how it all works, can be found here:

This member benefit is free for any full RLSCC member (sorry any associate members, but it's a full-member only benefit) to make use of.  As well as the ShockWiz, I would also suggest you have access to the following in order to get the most out of it:

  • A smartphone (iPhone or Android) capable of running the 'ShockWiz' app (search for it in your app store
  • A shock-pump (this is required to change the air pressure in your suspension)

  • If your fork or shock takes air volume spacers, try and have a few of them handy (ie, bottomless tokens for RockShox forks, or Bottomless rings for RockShox rear shocks - check the bag of bits that came with your bike as there may be some spares in there already)

  • Tools for changing the above tokens

  • A few hours spare – as with most things Mountain Biking, there is a small amount of 'faff' with this and you'll also need time to ride and make changes several times while you fine-tune your setup

  • Somewhere to ride with varied terrain (like: Forest of Dean (FoD) or Cannock Chase), although if you mainly ride in Warwickshire it can help here to (but you don't know what you're missing!!)

  • I will be organising a couple of 'tuning trips' in the future (probably to FoD) where we can ride and tune suspension in a small group.  Small groups would work well for this as a larger group would become fed up with the waiting while changes are made.

  • Or you are free to take the ShockWiz and try it for yourself - please organise via myself.

  • Whether you ride or race XC, trail, #Enduro or downhill, if you have any questions or would like to book, please feel free to contact me via the RLSCC email:

 Richard Bedford (MTB Rep)


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