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GIant Store Leamington

There has been a long-standing relationship between the RLCSS and the Giant Store Leamington and proad to partner with the club.
Ever since the store's growth from the Bike Yard into the Giant store of today, Billy and the team have focused on supporting riders around Warwickshire and the surrounding areas providing.

They won several awards and provided good old-fashioned shop values where every customer is important.

The store's teams made up of cycling enthusiasts, including former professional racers, elite level riders and people who just love to cycle.

As soon as you walk in the shop, the team passion speaks for is self.

With a complete range of bikes and accessories from the world-leading brand, the Giant Store Leamington is a one-stop bike shop.

We also offer a first-class servicing department which can help you keep your pride and joy in full pristine working order.  If you want to be more efficient with your bike, speak to our team about a bike fit. Using the PowerFit bike fitting system developed by Giant and Wattbike.

Come into the store and use some of the many benefits of being a member of the RLSCC.

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