Tuesday Hill & Sprints (Sep-Mar)

Meet at the junction of Welsh Rd & the Fosse at 5:45pm for 6:00pm depart.

This is a seasonal ride which runs from when the TTs finish to when the clocks change in March, check on the Facebook ensure it is on.

18-20 mph, 20 miles on (average)

This ride is for those that wish to carry their fitness from the TTs into the next year. It is an intervals based ride (sprint, recover, sprint, recover etc) and is open to those who could comfortably hold a pace of 18/19mph. It can be a tough ride but still fun, you’ll find the more you put in the more you’ll out.

The length and terrain of the sprint are different to ensure that everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are played out. After each sprint the group slow down to regroup and continue to the next section. The hills are for strength and endurance, pushing yourself into your anaerobic zone, there are plenty of rabbits to chase with the aim of beating your own PR's.

The Route

Three laps of the route are completed, we alternate between the two different laps:

Snowford Main

Snowford, around the Back

The three sprints are:

Over the Cannel

Up to the Crossroads

In Your Saddle

The extended efforts are made from the base of Snowford hill to the farm prior to the Fosse where we regroup. The basc idea is to wind up the pace of the chain-gang as a lead to push the rankings and PR's on the KOM lists on the Snowford Hill segments. It's basically a lactic threshold and power workout and trying to beat our own PR's. Deliver effort in the chain until the road starts to ramp up, then hang on to any wheel to the top, by which time your legs should be screaming and heart rate in the red. Ease off at the top and then an easy gear to recover and re-group.

Ensure to bring your lights in winter months.?



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