Saturday Social Road Rides

Meet at the Giant Brand Store at 08:15 for 08:30 depart. 

15-19mph, 40-80 miles (on average)

Our Saturday Social rides are usually split up into two groups, an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ group. These ride at a steadier pace meaning you should be able cycle and chat at the same time. We will usually stop at a café part way around to enjoy a hot drink and some well-earned cake returning around lunchtime depending on the length of the ride and the pace.

The ‘A’ group generally rides further, faster and with more climbing, typically up to 70 miles at around 17mph+.

The ‘B’ group tends to ride around 40-60 miles at 15mph+ and visits a variety of cafes and enjoys many local routes. Neither group will ever leave anyone behind but it’s more enjoyable for everyone if the group is well matched ability wise.

When we have a large turnout we may also split off a B+ ride to keep the groups manageable on the road and rider speeds complimentary.

During the winter months if the turnout is low we may combine into one group. The route will be decided on the day depending on the weather conditions and group ability.

We sometimes venture further afield with the odd century thrown in for good measure. These longer rides are planned in advanced on the Facebook page.

For some of our routes check our routes page.


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