Royal Leamington Spa Cycling Club was founded in 2011 by two friends, Dave Newton and Michelle Paget with a simple philosophy "come one, come all", with the aim of welcoming riders of all abilities and putting people in touch with other like-minded people. So whether you are a nervous newcomer, a banzai baggy-shorter or a racing roadie, welcome!

We are a democratic club, governed by a committee of cyclists who are elected by club members at the Annual General Meeting. There is a committee meeting once a month putting together the views of the club to discuss ideas, problems and solutions. 

To show our dedication to you, our members, we have taken the time to create a club constitution, this outlines everything we do as a committee including how your memberships are spent, how committee meetings work and our responsibility to you. As a member, included is named what you can expect from your membership and your rights as a member.  

We are affiliated with British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials.?

The club mission statement is:

"To encourage the development of a welcoming and supportive community of cyclists, centred around a club which has the framework to enable new and experienced cyclists of all ages to enjoy safely exploring a broad range of cycling disciplines from social to competitive level."?

The Club Constitution is available for download by clicking here (PDF).


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