Time Trial Rankings - Women

Personal Bests by RLSCC Women, Last Updated: 2016 May 11th

2016-05-03: Jen Doyle becomes new fastest female veteran rider.

2016-04-12: NEW CLUB RECORD! Lindsey Ackland, 00:23:05.

2016-04-05: NEW CLUB RECORD! Lindsey Ackland, 00:23:38.



To get on the rankings board, any official times from CLUB and OPEN events are valid, providing that you are a current RLSCC member & it is a CTT sanctioned event.


RLSCC Women's 10 mile Time Trial Rankings
Rank Name Time Date Cat. Course
1 Lindsey Ackland 00:23:05 2016-04-12 S k10/10 A
2 Natasha Morrison 00:24:02 2012-01-01 S beckland
3 Michelle Paget 00:25:14 2012-06-19 S k11/10 T
4 Fran Billington 00:25:44 2015-06-16 S k11/10 T
5 Jennifer Doyle 00:26:24 2016-05-03 Vet k10/10 A
6 Tessa McInnes 00:26:41 2015-07-14 Vet k10/10 F
7 Caroline Flooks 00:27:05 2014-07-15 S k10/10 F
8 Jade Boggia 00:27:22 2016-05-03 S k10/10 A
9 Bev Smerklo 00:27:56 2012-06-19 Vet k11/10 T
10 Shana Almond 00:28:01 2014-08-26 S k10/10 F
11 Natalia Grzegorczyk 00:28:30 2013-08-06 S k11/10 T
12 Verity Atkins 00:28:52 2016-05-03 S k10/10 A
13 Angie Ridgewell 00:29:11 2015-05-26 Vet k10/10 F
14 Caroline Neaves 00:29:49 2013-08-20 S k10/10 A
15 Eliza May 00:00:00 2013-08-20 S k10/10 A



RLSCC Women's 25 mile Time Trial Rankings
Rank Name Time Date Cat. Course
1 Fran Billington 01:05:33 2015-06-23 S k10/25 B
2 Michelle Paget 01:07:03 2011-06-28 S k10/25 A
3 Caroline Flooks 01:11:33 2014-06-10 S k10/25 B
4 Bev Smerklo 01:16:08 2012-06-26 Vet k10/25 A


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