Time Trial Club Championship Tables

M League 2017.08.31.JPG2017 Championships

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Womens League Table

F League 2017.08.31.JPG


Vets League Table

V League 2017.08.31.JPG

Mens League Table



2016 Championships

last updated: after Round 22, August 30th 2016:

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Women's league table:

2016.08.30 Women's league.JPG

Vets League Table:

2016.08.30 Vets league.JPG

Men's league table:

2016.08.30 Men's league.JPG







2015 Championships

2015.08.25 Women's league.jpg

Conratulations to Fran for winning the championship, although Tessa pushed her all the way and only narrowly lost out.

2015.08.25 Vets league.jpg 

Congratulations to Pete Crawford for winning the vets championship.  Well done to Mark Wise as well for beating Steve Dunton to second place in a close fought battle.

2015.08.25 Men's league.jpg

After much talk in the final week about potential changes within the top 4 there was no change after the last weeks results.  Sam Harding and Greg Brookes held on to third and second respectivley with Chris Spencer winning the championship for the second year in a row.  Special mention has to go to Iain McLaughlin though who has managed to finish on the same number of points and same posistion as he got last year - talk about consistency!


2014 Championships

2014 RLSCC TT Champs Rnd22 Aug 26 Vets.png

2014 RLSCC TT Champs Rnd22 Aug 26 Women.png

2014 RLSCC TT Champs Rnd22 Aug 26 Men.png



Women's league Table

Vets league Table


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